Someone asked me why I voted for Obama and why will I vote for him again. They asked is it because he is black? Words do not begin to explain how passionate I am about this man. He does not do what is “politically correct” he does what he feel is right. After seeing him on CNN it brought tears to my eyes because this man makes history. He is a fighter. He continues to move forward even when everyone looks back. People saying things like, this is the way it has always been done in the past. Well that was the past, Obama looks to the future.

This man does not treat women like a special interest group.

I hated the Iraq war I felt like things could have been handled differently but who brought men and women in uniform home? OBAMA!

Since Obama has been in office the trend for employment has been trending up. There is still A LOT of work to be done but who has been making some type of progress? OBAMA!

This man was raised by a single mother and succeeded in law school. He became a senator and then the president of the United States. He embodies the American Dream. Honestly how can Mitt Romney understand REAL issues? I’m not going to go in on him but growing up as a billionaire boy with no real life situations, exposures, or struggles to overcome; I feel like he can only understand white, heterosexual, male billionaires. Obama succeeds where his competition fails. So what if Mitt is an expert when it comes to the economy. Being president you are going to deal with more than the economy. What about social issues? He sucks in the department! Who is winning in both departments? OBAMA! Ill call him an expert even if he isn’t officially pronounced one.

Why do other countries actually fool with us since Clinton? Obama!
Now someone said something that stuck with me. They said Obama understands that God’s place is the Church and not the White House. I say Amen to that!!
I praise him for his health care views. Why should anyone be denied treatment because they can’t afford health care and the reason they cant afford it is because its really expensive with their pre-existing condition. With Obama there is no more denying! #POW

He has EVERYONE’s back not just wealthy and powerful people EVERYONE. He continues to strive when people are being raciest, making inaccurate accusations, and down playing his intelligence.

I love Obama and the things he stands for. He is a great husband, father, and leader. He does not have to brag about it or convince you of this because you can see it.

I Charlisha Grandberry will vote for Obama
May 10, 2012

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