Why I started Incorporating a Vegan diet in my Lifestyle

I’ve been vegan for over a year now and I think I am one of the few people who genuinely like healthy foods.  I love fruits and vegetables so much. However, I also love cake, candy and ice cream. I would say I accidentally went vegan. I tried vegan foods for a few days and realized how good I was feeling. I conducted some research online about the topic and decided to make the change.

It wasn’t a huge problem for me to make the change because I was pescatarian at the time. My biggest obstacle was refraining from cheese. I found out that there were a ton of vegan cheeses so problem was solved after that discovery. I also noticed anything can be turned vegan. The options are plentiful.

About 95% of the vegans I know did it because they love animals and the animal abuse is extremely heart breaking. That wasn’t my reason. I’ll admit I am not an ethical vegan. I repeat, I am not an ethical vegan. I’ll throw on a fur coat and leather boots as fast as these men jump in your DM after posting an instagram selfie. My reason comes purely on the bases of my health, the benefits to my body and how much mental clarity I have by taking animal based foods out of my diet. I should also mention, energy is not destroyed it is transferred. So every emotion, disease or any crazy energy from that animal during the process to get it ready to be butchered will be transferred to you.  One of the most exciting things I noticed was how some foods have healing powers and can seriously change simple things like your mood. There are proven studies that diseases like cancer comes from the food. A lot of these diseases do not run in your family. Its the eating habits that run in your family.

Some people will argue, well you’re not vegan. Honestly I don’t care about the title or if someone considers me to be a real or fake vegan. I support ANYONE who wants to rid their diet of animal base products because it benefits everyone! Restaurants will cater more to us with more opinions. Our friends who are not vegan won’t be so clueless to what veganism is and the list goes on.

I recommend everyone to try it. It doesn’t matter if you do it because you think it’s a trend, you want to lose weight, you love animals, you want a healthier body or if you want to challenge yourself. I support you.

If you aren’t a vegan would you ever consider trying it for about 7 days? If you are a vegan what was the hardest thing for you to give up?

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