10 Recommendations to have a Successful Vegan Journey

If you need help on sticking to a vegan diet and would like recommendations I have listed the things that has helped me.

  1.  Figure out WHY. Why have you decided to become vegan? This is the single most important thing that will keep you going. Even if temptation comes and you slip. If you understand and know your why you will be able to make better decisions and not beat yourself up trying to live by society standards or the standards of your peers.
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s just food and just like working out being vegan is a lifestyle change. I promise the early stage is the hardest. You are seriously re-programming your mind in regards to how you think about food or the things you’ve been taught about food. You have to be open to learning and being creative especially when you are eating out at places that are not solely vegan. With anything new you have to discipline yourself, It’s a process.
  3. Make it a habit to look at the ingredients on the label. You will learn this the hard way if you don’t because you WILL waste money. I learned this the hard way. There is no other feeling than to go shopping for groceries; get home to eat those peanut butter crackers only to find out that the new brand you decided to try uses dairy! Lol, just going down memory lane.
  4. Know your weakness and work on finding a substitute.  For at least 6 months into me changing my eating habits I had a hard time letting go of cheese. Why is cheese so good! One thing that helps any vegan is to know that there are substitutes for everything. You will have to experiment. There are tons of Youtube videos to look up alternatives.
  5. Do not focus on the stuff you CAN’T eat. Focus on what you CAN eat. There are tons of options. If you focus on what you can not eat you will feel like you have no options. You will be frustrated. Change you focus/Shift your mind and think about all of the good food you can eat. This will allow you to be creative because things that you would not have tried together before may actually be wonderful together. This also prepares you to educate people when they say things like, “Oh you don’t eat that or this, what do you eat?”.
  6. Find Resources for the area you struggle in. I love eating a lot of fruits and veggies but I struggled with finding dishes that were rich in healthy fats to put weight on me. I’m a small girl and I lost a lot of weight in the beginning of this journey. Even to this day Pinterest, books and Youtube are my go to for new dishes and ideas. The more you use the resources that work for you the more confident you will be with explaining what you KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE instead of what someone told you or what you assumed.
  7. Make sure you get enough raw greens. Get it every single day and this will improve so much for you in regards to your mood, energy, clairvoyants and stamina.
  8. Find snacks you like. Snacks are life. I really like to eat so I keep them everywhere. I keep snacks in my purse, my car, my work place etc all the time. In the beginning stages, this will help you avoid being grumpy because you can’t eat at that very moment as well as slipping up because you have food on you that you actually like. (Just a few of my go to snacks I have on a regular basis: Kind bars, dark chocolate, almonds and pecans with dried raisins, skinny popcorn, chips, mason jars filled with fruit, and peanut butter crackers) there is so much to choose from.
  9. Slowly invest in cooking equipment. My very first piece of cooking equipment was the spiralizer vegetable slicer.  This helps you turn vegetables into spaghetti.51a3xf-cpuL._SL500_AC_SS350_

I purchased it for less than $20 at Walmart but they can also be found on amazon. I also invested in a deep fryer to experiment with deep frying things besides chicken and fish. I love my nutribullet because the juices I can make are so good.  I also have a crock-pot for warm meals to cook during the day. Therefore, when I get home I have hot food ready and a sandwich maker for anything I feel like making into a sandwich. These are things that has helped me step my creativity up and experiment. The only thing on my wish list is a vitamix.  Please keep in mind you don’t have to go out and buy all of these things at once. I accumulated these things overtime or had before changing my food habits. Also use what you like. I highly recommend the spiralizer and a starter blender.

10. Invest in yourself. I used to be a cheap food shopper. I wouldn’t look for the value of the food I would look for the cheap food but go drop $1,500.00 on a pair of shoes. Know that you deserve to have the best of everything especially the things you are putting into your body. Yes the organic foods may be a little more expensive but so are those medical bills that will pile up if you neglect to take care of you.


Learn to not give a Fu(#. It’s harsh but I’ve added it as a bonus because it’s necessary. People who trash their body will always tell you, “Oh you shouldn’t be doing that, I don’t think that is healthy, that just isn’t normal”. Sometimes you will have to say okay and do what you’re going to do anyway. You can’t let other people who have no idea what they are talking about get in your head and discourage you. You have to show better than you can tell people. Always seek truth not to always be right. Right and wrong is objective to each individual but truth is truth. When people see then they will be ready to come to you and ask therefore you’ll be able to tell.

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