Lanyu SS18 Exclusive Collection

I had three top looks from Lanyu spring/summer 2018 collection. The presentation and setting was very clean. Standard white sleek background with her logo on the wall in black. Nothing extravagant, the focus was definitely on the clothes. I’ll admit, I have never heard about this designer until now. I am very happy I was introduced to her work. The clothes were mouth dropping and innovative. I LOVED her collection because they were not just regular clothes they were new designs! I found myself giving praise and compliments through out the show as the models walked the runway.  I’m seriously considering purchasing the first pink look featured in my favorite looks above.

I am not a huge fan of flats but I liked how she incorporated flats with some of the looks. This allowed us to see that her pieces could be dressed down.

She is definitely a designer I will continue to follow. I might throw some coins her way as well. 🙂

Click the link below to enjoy the show.

Lanyu SS18 Exclusive Collection

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