Christian Siriano SS 2018

From Christian Siriano’s spring/summer collection my four looks where super amazing! As I watched them I was wondering how the texture of the clothing felt. It makes you want to go up and touch the clothes lol.

When it comes to his collections My opinion is he caters to a wide variety of people, personalities, and styles. I either hate the look at zero or love the looks at 10. There hasn’t been an in between with me and his collections.

I wasn’t fond of the first set of looks. It looked like upholstery fabric (there is nothing wrong with upholstery fabric. I didn’t like the designs) the designs looked mature to me. However, he might have been targeting that market with those pieces. Like I said, he is a diverse designer.

The setting was clean the runway was a standard white runway to high light the clothing designs.

I really liked the plus size pieces he incorporated. Has a very flirtatious and feminine quality about them and that’s what I really love.

If you want you to check the collection out you can click the link below

Christian Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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