Tom Ford SS18 Ready to Wear Collection

I am a sucker for color and with Tom Ford’s collection these were by far my favorite.

The collection was okay. The setting was simple and sleek. There was no official runway stage. He cleverly took a beam of light in the shape of the runway and the models walked within the light. I thought that was super cool.

I was not a fan of the shoes. I do remember him releasing some with the exact same heel and the heel was gold and the shoe was black. Sooooo cute. However, the way he mixed the colors the shoes did come off toy like or plastic. As some of the models walked back from the runway you can almost see it wobble or something. They look like they’ll break at any moment. However, I know the quality of Tom Ford and I’m sure they are made very well but they can’t sit with me.


However the models were so uniformed! I loved that. Also he isn’t just making clothes. I like that he pushed the design element to make interesting things to wear. I also liked the transition music 🎶 really smooth.

Click the link below to see the show.

Tom Ford ready to wear SS18

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