Jennifer Blom SS 2018

Here are my top picks in Jennifer Blom spring summer 2018 collection.

The atmosphere was your standard runway aisle. People sitting on both sides while the models strut in the middle of them. The music complemented the collection extremely well. It added to the soft and airy visual nature of the concept.

I loved the colors 🤗 I understand the popularity with black and white but I personally feel like color rules! I spotted the double complementary color theory she used and she did a good job with it 👏🏾

I’ve been completely obsessed with silks lately. I have these light opera jackets that I do for Fabulously Exclusive in satin, silk, and fleece that was for the fall/winter 2017. The light opera jackets from my collection are so comfortable and of course I have on the silk dress 😎.

Both of the peach looks had sexy back details. I’m always down for a sexy back detail. I live for them.

The model that stands out while I watched the show was the model below. At first I thought something was wrong because she came out walking EXTRA fast 💨 I thought the tempo of the walks were about to speed up but she was just in a hurry for some reason. I don’t know what that was about 😆. However, she was gorgeous 💋

Let’s talk about the hair and shoes. The gold glitter cluster brought a cool element to the collection. I would totally rock it with my hair in a low puff. It was super cute. The closed toe booties some of the girls had on was bulky for my taste but I really liked the high heel sandals most of the girls wore. Which look was your favorite?

Click the link below to check out the show

Jennifer Blom SS 2018

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