Thierry Mugler Haute Couture SS 1997


I often like to watch Haute Couture shows. I LOVE Haute Couture! These shows were the first type of fashion shows I would watch online when I started indulging in fashion. I wish more designers would participate in this arena but I do understand that this is a complete form of artistic expression when a fashion designer participate in these kind of shows. All fashion designers aren’t artists and all artists aren’t fashion designers. Some designers are so particular in the things they make in regards to it being salable. Everything look like clothes that are available in every mall around the world. I’ll admit that I am often at a cross road that I have to tone things down losing the artistic form of the look so it is more profitable.

However, for me these type of shows are the most rewarding. I do understand why designers are programmed to think about profit and wear ability. Now a days you have to be serious about treating your fashion house as a business and just creating what sells; if you want to continue to participate in your craft. I don’t use this word often or barely at all but I really hate that it is that way but it’s all a risk.

The atmosphere had arena vibes in making a point that this is a show, a performance. So sit back and enjoy. The production was clearly inspired by insects.

I always light up and my imagination goes super wild when I watch these shows or when I have an idea to create Haute Couture pieces. As I watched this I caught myself thinking about how much time and money was associated with this show and did they make a profit. I had to tell myself to stop thinking about the business side of fashion so I could enjoy the creative expression that was strutting up and down that runway! The lighting crew did an amazing job! The hair stylist, make up artist, and the model coach all did a perfect job. Nothing was lacking. It was a look after look after look of creativity. Loved the hats!

Love the way he decided to open. All of the head pieces were nothing less than perfect. Yes to the finger waves as well!

At 3:41 it was such a beautiful transition with the music and how it complemented the look.

The entire production was so good. I’m full ready to go out and get inspired to create a collection. I have no edges because he did not play but I am smiling!! I won’t give everything away so click the link if you would like to check it out.

Thierry Mugler Haute Couture SS 1997

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