Tae Ashida FW 2018/2019

Above are my top picks from the collection by Tae from her fall/winter 2018/2019 collection. I choose my looks strictly on the bias of what I would spend my consumer dollars on. This collection consisted of 57 looks.

The atmosphere in the Tokyo Grand Hyatt was creatively set. The audio was beautiful and complicated the romantic and contemporary looks.

The runway was highlighted with a white rectangle for the looks to be displayed. Very clean and perfect for the audience to see the pieces up close.

She included some amazing handbags 👜. Very cute with animal accessories dangling from them. The boots were super bad ass. She featured a necklace that popped out at me. It was a choker style with a gold tassel dangling from it. So in love with that piece! The models all looked amazing. I admit I was not a big fan of the hair and felt some of the looks would have been better with a snatched back pony but I definitely understand the vibe that was trying to be captured.

She also incorporated some super interesting head pieces and hats that were absolutely perfect!

Overall the entire production was carefully thought out and super enjoyable. The final walk and visuals were all top notch. Not to mention Tae was absolutely stunning.

Click the link below to check the show out.

Tae Ashida F/W 2018/2019 Runway Show

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