Palm Angels Fall 2018/2019 Ready to Wear

These were my favorite looks from the Palm Angles Fall 2018/2019 Ready to Wear collection. I love the innovation that was brought to the collection.

The show was hosted at a former industry lightbulb factory. Everyone was standing to watch the looks walk through the factory.

The room was filled with hip hop sounds. I would have to say these looks gave me a country gothic vibe. I’m originally from Memphis TN and visited Nashville on a regular basis. I see these looks as a space for someone who has a super edgy and country aesthetic. Of course you can take individual pieces and style them to your personal aesthetic. One does not have to style them the way the stylist did during the showcase.

They had masks and head bands covered with sprouting spikes that were super cool. Real show stopping pieces. They also had bucket bags that were interesting but a little too youthful for the looks, in my opinion.

Click the link below to check out the show. What fit would you buy? What do you think about the handbags?

Palm Angels Fall 2018/2019

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