Moschino 2018 Pre-Fall Collection

These are my favorite looks from Moschino 2018 Pre-Fall Collection. This collection can also be found under the men’s collection category.

Moschino had a long runway and the collection had a fetish and dominatrix vibe to it. The latex masks were screaming domination.

Jeremy expressed, “It’s very much in line with what our great forefather Madonna laid out, if I might say so. I personally did not care for the bags this season but I was so in love with the boots! I also have to give it up to the hairstylist because the waves in the hair were accompanied by two horns.

All of the models looked great. They mixed genders and curved masculine and feminine within the models. I actually loved the walk the model had below. I actually could not find out who she was but if you know her please leave me a comment 😊 and put me on.

Overall the collection was attention grabbing and innovative. Click the link below to check out the show. Which look was your favorite?

Moschino 2018 Fall Men’s Collection

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