Jeremy Scott Fall 2018 Collection

These were my favorite looks from Jeremy Scott’s 2018 Fall Collection.

The runway was shaped in a U and Jeremy Scott had his name displayed in the back surrounded by Paris, New York, and Beverly Hills.

The fashion industry needs Jeremy Scott. He is not afraid to have fun and push the creative limits. Yes the styling is always dramatic and innovative but a true fashionista can use the pieces and incorporate it into their own style.

He used ring hems in his spring 2017 collection and tried to reinvent the technique a little different in this collection. I liked it in the 2017 collection better.

However, the thigh high skyscraper moon boots are to die for to walk around New York City in the winter months. I’m only 5’0 tall so I’m curious to see if they look good on shorter legs.

I also really loved how he used bra wire in the chop top jackets for the sweatsuits. I think he may have started something (but I love when designers make it a mission to start something lol). To have a design trend is major. Let’s sit back and watch.

I am always excited to see Jeremy Scott shows because he never has a boring show.

Click the link below to check out the show. Which look was your favorite?

Jeremy Scott 2018 Fall Collection

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