Guo Pei 2018 Spring Couture Collection

These were my favorite looks from Guo Pei 2018 Spring Couture Collection.

This show was mind blowing. Okay, let me catch my breath lol. The collection consisted of 25 extraordinary looks. Everything was so perfect.

The hair and nails complimented the looks so well. The shoes had platforms that should only be collected! One of the looks reminded me of a snow princess 👑. The dress had diamond like fringes around the cuff of the sleeve and around the ribs.

Through a translator, the designer explained her vision as something along the lines of representing the life force of roots and flowers. Roots are the source of life and vitality. She went on to further explain that without roots, there is no life. This earth is a very mysterious place, but it is linked intimately with our lives. So it is the reason the tree was on stage and there was lots of flowers.

It’s just genius stuff. I would be very surprised if I don’t see a Guo Pei look at the Met Gala. Matter of fact, I’m going to review their spring 2017 collection later in the week because some of the pieces from that collection matches the 2018 Met Gala theme precisely.

Click the link below to check out the show. What do you think about the looks?

Guo Pei 2018 Spring Couture Collection

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