Valentino 2018 Spring/Summer Haute Couture

Quick announcement, So this week is Couture week of course because the Met Gala is only 6 day away 🤗. Just an FYI, for the Haute Couture overload coming up.

Now back to the program lol.

These were my favorite looks from Valentino’s 2018 Spring/Summer Couture Collection.

The show was so nice. I’m starting to love the area seating runway style where the models walk through the rooms. However, I would prefer them to walk a little slower due to the seating not being a runway straight lane or even a U shaped lane. In my opinion, it gives the audience time to see the details and also take the media they want to take rather it be photo or video. The models walk so fast and there are so many corners being cut that if you blink you miss the look 💨.

There were so many great head pieces shown. They were big but some seemed so light.

There were also some looks that were more couture than others. I really liked some of the pants in the collection.

Valentino always delivers but I’m not sure if anyone will have one of the looks on in this collection during the 2018 Met Gala. They may have a custom look from the brand instead.

Click the link below to check out the show. If you had to wear one of these looks to the Gala which would it be?

Valentino 2018 SS Couture Collection

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