Elie Saab 2018 SS Haute Couture Collection

Theses were my favorite looks from Elie Saab 2018 spring/summer Haute Couture Collection.

I adored how the models made their entry onto the runway walking down the staircase. The runway alley was in a rectangular shape. The music arrangement was interesting. I loved the 1920s vibe. Nice glitzy Paris throwback vibes.

The collection consisted of an overload of “naked dresses” which I personally don’t find interesting 🤷🏽‍♀️. I like to see one here and there but they were cute just a bit excessive for my taste.

With that being said the brand’s muse was Josephine Baker so I see the vision. The designer explained the collection as an artistic paradise, where people partied day and night. The title for the show was Paris est une Fête.

The collection also had a signature of bows around the neck of some of the models.

Overall I thought the show was beautiful and very thought out.

Click the link below to check out the show. What do you think of the collection?

Elie Saab 2018 SS Haute Couture Collection

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