Avocado Obsession

So I think I have an avocado obsession lol. No seriously, I have to have avocado on everything. It’s great for vegans gains, super good for toast, and amazing in any salad or sushi roll. If you’re like me don’t feel bad. Here are a ton of benefits of eating avocado 😊😋

Avocado Benefit #1: Helps with Digestion

Avocado Benefit #2: Eye Health

Avocado Benefit #3: Prevents Bad Breath

Avocado Benefit #4: Skin Health

Avocado Benefit #5: Protects the Liver

Avocado Benefit #6: Blood Glucose Management

Avocado Benefit #7: Relieves Pregnancy Symptoms

Avocado Benefit #8: Weight Management

Avocado Benefit #9: Help your Antioxidants

Avocado Benefit #10: Strengthens Bones

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