Hi I’m Lisha,

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur and I’m only doing the things that makes me happy. In the process I will experience lots of emotions and go on a sea full of adventures. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m just documenting my life so the future me has something to look back on and smile. I hope I can inspire you and you can inspire me.

Life can be the storm that crushes you or you can be the storm that crushes life. Love with the depths of your soul and know that the only limits you have are the ones you say you have.



Creator of Yin Yang Financial Consultants LLC, A financial company with multiple sectors to help improve and/or consult businesses and individuals on the financial strategies of their company and/or personal financial goals. As well as, holding and managing products and services for investment purposes.



Fabulously Exclusive, An international luxury runway fashion brand. Specializing in women’s dresses

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RicH, An international vegan community of socialites who help inspire, motivate, and educate the public on the benefits of eating animal free foods by being visual examples.

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